Pool Fencing

Note: The purpose of this page is to provide courtesy information only; we do not install fencing.

Safe and attractive pool fencing keeps parents, kids, and yes even the council, happy. If your pool isn't fenced, ask us now about the many types of fencing available.

Swimming and spa pools are part of our way of life in New Zealand.

pool fencing

They provide wonderful opportunities for all the family to gather together and have fun. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous if not fenced and supervised properly.

If you're a parent, a grandparent or caregiver, there can be few thoughts more horrible than losing a child.

Let's make the effort to keep our little ones safe while we enjoy our summers.

Ask yourself: Does your fence comply with the act ?

If you do have a pool which is fenced, please use the checklist below as a guide as to whether it is safe.

Checklist Yes No
Fence height 1.2 metres minimum

Ground clearance is no greater than 100mm

Gates open outwards

Gates automatically shut

Gates latches are self locking

Top bolts on ranch sliders

Steps for para-type pools are removed

Current Fencing Regulations

  • Fences must be a minimum of 1.2m in height
  • May have a 100mm maximum gap between vertical rails
  • Horizontal rails are to have a minimum gap of 900mm if placed on the outside of fence, and also on the inside if fence is constructed with materials enabling childrens feet to fit in between the 100mm gap (thus able to use rails as foot holds)
  • Materials used must be of industry standard, so as to withstand outside conditions
  • Gates must open outward from the pool area.
  • Latching devices must be at least 1.5m above the ground on the outside of the fence. If the fence is solid, a minimum of 300mm down on the inside of the fence (if height 1.2m) thus creating a distance from the outside ground level of 1.5m
  • Gates must be self-closing. The self-closing mechanism is to be strong enough to ensure that the gate will self-close even when opened by just 150mm

Cut the cost and cut the risk!

Fencing is a critically important part of having a safe home environment for children. You can cut the risks even further by:

  • maintaining the fence and gate in good condition
  • making sure children and adults alike understand they must NEVER prop open the gate!
  • covering the area around the pool with a non-slip surface
  • always supervising children in or near a pool, even if they are wearing floatation aids
  • clearing away toys and floatation aids when they are not being used
  • always make sure the gate to the pool is safely shut
  • setting rules of behaviour around the pool
  • making sure there are no objects near the pool fence which a child could use to climb or stand on
  • learning first aid and resuscitation

Brustic Fences

Brustic Fences
  • Soft looks, yet strong
  • Noise barrier
  • Wind barrier
  • No maintenance
  • Kept clear of the ground, it will last up to 20 years

Alsteel Fences

Alsteel Fences
  • All purpose premium quality tubular fencing
  • Designed to meet the standards of the Swimming Pools Act 1987
  • Can rack up to 12 degrees, enabling the fence to follow the ground contours ensuring the gap stays constant

Pool Alarm

Poolguard Gate Alarm

Poolguard Gate Alarm
Weatherproof Design
Alarm Stabilizing Pin
Sensing Technology
Microprocessor Technology
  • All purpose premium quality tubular fencing
  • Designed to meet the standards of the Swimming Pools Act 1987
  • Can rack up to 12 degrees, enabling the fence to follow the ground contours ensuring the gap stays constant
Product Price
Poolguard Gate Alarm $ 200.00
Poolguard Door Alarm
UL2017 approved
$ 180.00

Safety Turtle

Poolguard Gate Alarm


Safety Turtle is an effective "last line of defence" to protect your children from swimming pool accidents. Simply place the Turtle wristband around your child's wrist. If he or she falls into the water, a loud alarm will sound at the Base Station.


  • a Base Station (AC powered)
  • one or more turtle wristbands

The base Station should be placed inside the house, within 100 feet (30m) of the pool. Any number of Turtles can be used with one Base Station.

Safety Turtle is designed for maximum safety:

  • The Turtle wristband locks securely around your child's wrist, using the key provided.
  • A loud alarm instantly sounds at the Base Station when the Turtle is immersed in water.
  • Your child is protected even while the pool is in use or is being cleaned.
  • The Turtles are permanently sealed and are rugged to withstand children's play.
  • Children enjoy wearing the colourful Turtle Wristbands.
Poolguard Gate Alarm


You will appreciate Safety Turtle's unique features:

  • No installation in the pool is required
  • There's no need to turn the system off when the pool is in use or being cleaned and to turn it back on afterwards.
  • By using different Turtle colours, neighbours can enjoy the benefits of Safety Turtle without triggering each other's alarm. Each Base Station is set to recognise a particular colour of Turtle by inserting a matching "baby turtle" plug provided with the Turtle wristband.
  • The alarm volume can be reduced temporarily for testing.
  • Rain or spray from lawn sprinkles won't trigger the alarm.
  • The Turtle has a battery life of at least 4 years when used everyday.
  • Terrapin provides toll-free customer services.


The Base Station and the Turtle wristbands are packed separately. Turtles are available in six bright colours that your children will love to wear.

Blue Purple Light Brown Green Red Yellow
Turtle colours Turtle colours Turtle colours Turtle colours Turtle colours Turtle colours
Product Price
Base station and 1 wristband $ 390.00
Additional wristbands $ 118.15
More info at

Safety Turtle is not a substitute for diligent supervision or for pool access barriers. Not Suitable for use in salt water.

Finmar Pool Alarm

Finmar Pool Alarm

The patented FINMAR Pool Alarm is designed to alert an adult that a child has entered a pool area. The alarm will not stop an infant from drowning if someone does not come to their assistance.

Finmar Pool Alarm

The device is designed to run on standard alkaline batteries. The unit contains a 110 decibel micro siren that can be heard up to 50 metres away. The unit protects a circular area 8 metres in diametre and is designed to work most effectively when mounted at 1.5 metres on a wall or swimming pool fence. The alarm takes approximately one minute to arm after being switched on and has an entry delay feature which delays the device from sounding for five seconds after it has been triggered. Unlike some products that are already available on the market, this device is both "movement' and "heat" sensitive and will only be activated by a small child (or domestic animal) which emits body heat and makes a series of movements within its patrol range. The product is NOT designed to replace parental supervision around fenced pool areas, rather it is a warning device to alert adults that a protected pool area has been entered by a child.


If you would like further information on water safety, particularly for children, please visit www.watersafety.org.nz
Finmar Pool Alarm