Swimming Pool Maintenance

Because we utilise the most accurate water testing technology available, our Rodney and North Auckland pool maintenance services keep your water up to the highest sanitary standards. Not only does your water look great, but even more importantly, it's also HEALTHY!!!

For one-off cleaning or regular maintenance, contact us for a quote (also see our water trouble-shooting guide).

Keeping those beach areas cleaned is important because even in the winter months, water quality impacts your visual landscape.

Auckland pool maintenance beach area cleansing Rodney pool maintenance advanced water testing

The stunning results of advanced water testing on your water quality.

Scuba service

Our scuba service is something the people of North Auckland and Rodney have benefitted from for many years. DON'T empty your swimming pool before ringing us. Fixing leaks is something we specialise in.

Auckland swimming pool maintenance scuba service Rodney swimming pool maintenance healthy water

No need to empty your pool for us to repair many problems.