Pool Refurbishment

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... as the saying goes. Transform your old pool into something that looks modern, new and sparkling blue. Ask us about our unique pool refurbishment services.

Makes more of what you've already got !

Our Client decided to give his tired 20 year old pool and upgrade choosing tradition Marble Plaster as the surface. At the same time taking the opportunity to use Glass Fencing to bring the area up to the current regulations.

pool refurbishment Refurb 1a Refurb 1b

It was time for this 20 year old pool and spa to have an upgrade... we sand blasted the old painted surfaces, and using a two pot epoxy paint rejuvenated the swimming pool.

Refurb Big2Refurb 2aRefurb 2b

Waterproofing the spa prior to tiling with a glass mosaic was needed as the spa was leaking badly... we were happy to travel to Taupo to do this project as we had previously installed a swimming pool and landscaping package for the Blacks when they lived in the Rodney Region - A great testimony that they wanted us to do their upgrade rather than using someone closer!

Refurb Big3Refurb 3aRefurb 3b

This 20 year plus pool was losing water badly. After taking off the paint we discovered that a segment of the pool had settled and needed to be cut away. We constructed another wall, filling in the empty section and replaced the copers and mosaics. The Quartzon Galaxy finish looks great in this setting - With using the Eco Smarte sanitizer this family can be sure they are swimming in the cleanest, safest water in town.