Solar Heating

Heliocol Girl Heliocol: Solar Pool Heating, Engineered for Life

Double your swimming season

Nothing feels better than a full body plunge into a soothingly warm pool. Warm water wraps around you and relaxes every muscle in your body.

The entire family will enjoy more time in the pool. Think about all the extra months of fun, exercise and sheer relaxation.

A Heliocol Solar Heating system with patented Individual Tube DesignTM technology will bring you many years of safe, worry-free comfortable enjoyment in your pool.

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Get the most out of your swimming pool

Season Table

Subject to location, seasonal variations and individual comfort needs, the graph to the right is an example of how swimming seasons have been dramatically extended for hundreds of New Zealand families.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Simple Process

Heliocol solar panels are installed on your roof in a sunny position. Your pool water is pumped through hundreds of tubes in the collectors where it absorbs the sun's heat. This heated water is then returned to the pool for your enjoyment.

Drain Down Protection

The vacuum valve allows the water to drain down to the pool during periods of low radiation or when the pool reaches your target temperature. This mechanism prevents the possibility of boiling or frost in the solar collectors.

Fully Automated, Easy to Use

Simply set the Target Temperature and the Heliocol controller will do the rest...It is simple to set and adjust for individual needs and comes with a bio-safe winter function.

Design Options to Suit

  • Solar Pump: This is the most common configuration. The Heliocol controller turns on the solar pump whenever heat is available. Solar pump is programmed to maximise system performance.
  • Motorised Valve: Heliocol has the lowest pressure drop of all solar panels. It often allows only the existing pool pump to circulate the pool water via the solar array. The beauty of this configuration is the simplicity and the virtually NIL running costs.
  • Combined System: Heliocol can work in conjunction with other heaters such as Gas, Heat Pump or Diesel, with no need for expensive modification or refurbishments. The Heliocol fully automated combined controller will manage the solar activity and the auxiliary heater to minimise usage of fossil fuels and maximise your comfort.

New Products

Eco Flare
Eco Flare
Gross area (m2) 2.15
Net area (m2) 1.85
Length (cm) 215
Width (cm) 100
Height (cm) 8
Weight - empty (kg) 17
Fluid Capacity(L) 6
Operating Pressure (kPa) 500
Test Pressure (kPa) 000
Freeze resistant (C°) -10

The development of innovative products never stops at Heliocol. Eco Flare panel combines the high durability of polypropylene in a glazed panel to provide a great solution where:

  • high water temperature demand is 35'C to 50'C
  • high wind zones or very cold climate is a factor
  • there is limited roof space
  • solar energy is required during winter

Eco Flare is super-light-weight and can be tilted to maximise solar gains. A great application of the Eco Flare panel is to heat spa pools or lap pools.

Tailored System for Best Results

A few attributes will maintain a longer season at an optimal pool temperature at low cost. A "100% Extended Season" means a system that will maximise the season for a specific pool at a specific location with particular customer temperature preference. To achieve "100% Extended Season" the Heliocol Calculator© is used by your local Heliocol expert.

Passive Solar

The sun heating the pool directly without any mechanical assistance. Passive solar contributes a significant amount of energy to the pool. Passive solar is maximised:

  • when pool is exposed to the sun with little or no shading
  • in pools with darker coloured walls and bottom
  • in large and shallow pools

Heat Losses

Before adding heat to the pool, there are many ways to retain the natural heat that is already in the pool.

Some important strategies:

  • wind shield to minimise evaporation
  • pool enclosure to minimise black sky night convection
  • pool enclosure to minimise black sky night radiation

Solar Pool Heating Array Sizing

Heliocol energy output per square meter is one of the highest, therefore requiring a smaller array size. As a rule of thumb, the size of the solar array should be 100% of the surface area of the pool, for most areas of New Zealand. However, the array size may need to be smaller or larger depending on the site:

  • geographical location
  • roof orientation and slope
  • roof colour
  • roof material type
  • shade on the roof
  • wind exposure of the roof
  • passive solar rate
  • heat losses rate

The Heliocol Calculator© used by your local Heliocol expert will ensure that the size of the array is optimal for your circumstances, and you receive the best possible outcome for your investment, avoiding under-sizing or over-sizing.

Heliocol Pays for Itself Fast

Solar Pool Heating is the most cost effective solar system available. Both small domestic systems up to an Olympic pool type system will return your investment within 1 to 5 years.

Gas Heater Heat Pump Solar Heating
Approx Initial Cost: $6,900 installed
(depending on gas fitting)
$7,500 installed
(depending on electric work)
$9000 installed
(depending on roof)
Approx Running Cost: $2,400 per season (natural gas) $1,800 per season for COP = 4.5 $0 - $200 per season
Warranty: approx 3-5 years conditional to chemicals makeup approx 1 year for parts;
3-5 years for compressor
10 year unconditional
Warranty Cover: parts + limited labour parts + limited labour parts + labour
Operational Life: Moderate (approx 10-15 years) Low (approx 7-10 years) High (approx 20-30 years)
Pitfalls: Natural Gas availability, running costs slow recovery, noise roof space, may not cover 100% of season
Max Output Power: 40kW 14kW 28kW
Maintenance: Medium - Low Medium - Low Very Low

Ultimate Peace of Mind

Unconditional 10-Year Warranty

Each Heliocol panel is tested under extreme pressure at the fully automated production line. The panels, the fittings and the fixing system carry an unconditional 10-years warranty.

Heliocol has a unique ceramic compound in the polypropylene mould that allows running salted water & highly chlorinated water at temperature up to 80°C without affecting the durability or the warranty.

Production is environmentally friendly and complies with ISO9001 and ISO14001 requirements. All other components such as pumps, valves and controllers carry at least a 2-year warranty.

Compliance with NZ Solar Standard NZS2712:2007

Heliocol is the first unglazed panel in New Zealand to comply with NZS2712:2007.

This means that the collectors comply with standard:

  • Durability
  • Water Hygiene
  • Mechanical Strength
  • Stagnation
  • Performance
  • Solar standard compliance is reinforced under the latest building codes.

As tough as...

Heliocol has been manufactured since 1978. Some of those early systems are still operating today. A combination of the unique multi riser panel with the special alligator fixing system allows Heliocol to withstand wind forces of up to 190 KMH. Even large birds or possums will not harm the Heliocol panel array.