Swimming Pool Covers

SAVE up to 70% of your heating costs by having a swimming pool cover.

Available Cover options by "Leisure Time"

Thermal Pool Blanket

Series 2001 thermal pool cover is comprised of: the top layer is in itself made from three scientifically designed materials a 1mu wipe clean glossy blue or green polyethylene, then industrial strength woven black polyethylene, followed by a 1mu black polyethylene film. The centre layer is constructed of Volara® foam. The final bottom layer is 6mu solid industrial polyethylene to protect cover from the pool chemical.

swimming pool covers

Includes Edge Binding

Material is available in 2.7m widths. All edges are bound with high quality UV sail cloth binding.

Recommended Application is -

All Heated Pools Private or Commercial.

Leisuretime Series 2001 available in Blue, Black or Forest Green

Product Price
4mm Blue, Black POA
Green POA
5.2mm Blue POA

Stops overnight heat loss by 3 to 4 degrees, substantially extending your swimming seasons. If your pool is heated at 30 degrees overnight with cover, the loss will be 3 degrees during 12 hours. Without a cover, the loss will be 13 degrees during 12 hours. Stops overnight heat loss by 3 to 4 degrees, substantially extending your swimming seasons.

Bubble Covers


SuperBubble is exclusive to:


Suitable for all domestic pools

Black colour available for commercial pools



Product Price
Super Bubble Blue .400mu POA
Super Bubble Blue .550mu POA
Standard Bubble Cover .400mu POA
Bubble Cover Black .400mu POA

Benefits to using a Bubble Cover


  • It heats the pool saving up to 60% energy costs, limits heat loss, makes swimming more comfortable
  • Lighter colour allows more solar energy to enter pool; better heating!
  • Warms pool water by 3-5 degrees or more in summer season
  • It reduces evaporation, cutting water use, saves on chemical costs
  • Extends the swimming season; swim earlier in spring, later in autum


Unique Benefit of SuperBubble SaltSafe® / ChlorSafe® Solar Cove

  • Deep Blue Colour Darker Colours absorb more energy from the sun. This means that the pool water will heat 10% more effectively than standard blankets. It also means you will swim sooner and for longer.
  • SuperBubble® means better heat retention - 13% better than standard blankets. The pool stays warm overnight so you can enjoy a longer swimming season.
  • Exclusive SlatSafe® / ChlorSafe® Technology - the base of the bubble is up to 25% thicker than a standard bubble cover, so it is more resistant to chlorine attack. Guaranteed to last longer.
  • Flat Bottom Bubble - the larger surface area of the bubble has a greater water surface adhesion. The blanket is more likely to stay on the pool in high winds, and pool cleaners work better under SuperBubble blankets.
  • Extra Long lasting - the 25% thicker base of the bubble guarantees that the blanket will last longer creating peace of mind in knowing that you have real value for money.
  • All Year Round Cover - The SuperBubble Cover is a heavy duty blanket and is designed to stay on the pool all year round. Keeps your pool cleaner in winter and eliminates that "big annual clean-up" that takes DAYS to get the pool ready for summer.

SuperBubble is exclusive to LEISURETIME

Automatic Pool Covers


CoverStar specialises in ASTM standard F 1346-91 safety pool covers. They seal entrance to the pool with reinforced fabrics and extensively tested automatic mechanisms.

Seals Out Dirt and Leaves

Your pool will be much cleaner with a CoverStar pool cover in place. Since your system is so easy to use, it can be in place whenever you're nor using the pool, thus sealing out dirt and debris. Now, in less than the minute it takes to operate your cover, you're ready to swim.

Heats and Insulates Your Pool

During the day, CoverStar's fabric absorbs solar energy and thermally conducts it to the collar water below. And at night, it eliminates evaporation and insulates your pool. This combination results in water temperatures typically 10 to as much as 15 degrees warmer than an uncovered pool during the swimming season. CoverStar can reduce your pool heating costs as much as 70% while maintaining an enjoyable swimming temperature.

Pays for Itself

With a CoverStar system in place, dirt and debris in your pool are held to a minimum and evaporation is virtually eliminated. This typically means 70% lower pool heating bills, a 70% lower pool chemical bill, a 70% lower pool pump service bills. The long-term effects can be equally important because adding fewer chemicals and eliminating evaporation also significantly stretches your pool plaster or liner and equipment life.

  • It provides safety and peace of mind
  • Dirt and debris land on the cover, not in your pool
  • Covering you pool eliminates evaporation. Heat and chemical loss are reduced up to 70%
  • A pool of any shape can be covered by enclosing it in a rectangle formed with surface- mounted guides offered in several options
  • Motor: hardened steel gears in oil bath. 35% faster, 250% more power
  • CoverStar's unique slider wheel assembly combination reduces friction and service
  • Fabric: UltraGaurd II™ Industrial grade fabric . Available in 8 colours:


Swim Roll can easily support the weight of a large adult with an impenetrable surface that's a barrier to the water.

  • Swim Roll is a revolutionary, fully automated pool cover that retracts out of sight at the press of a button
  • It reduces evaporation of water and costly chemicals with 80% energy savings and reduces pool maintenance
  • This innovative cover can be installed into any new or existing pools
  • When the Swim Roll is closed it is impossible to fall into the water
  • The Swim Roll can be custom designed to fit any geometric pool shape
  • Hidden underground construction so the Swim Roll is completely concealed when not in use

23mm Super Foam


SuperBubble is exclusive to:


Supplied in 2 halves for ease of storage and removal. Custom made to any size.

23mm Super foam available in Forest Green (Exclusive to Leisure Time), Blue, Grey or Beige. 2m rounds, octagons, squares and recliner spas. Please contact us for a price.

Features of Super Foam

  • Shiny top skin - exclusive to Leisure Time
  • Cut to any shape within 2m x 2m square
  • Floats on the water
  • Good heat retention
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Closed cell polyethene foam
  • Comes in two halves

New American Debris Mesh Cover


IDEAL for keeping leaves and other materials out of the pool.Made to fit any shape pool.

Product Price
Navy Blue POA
Forest Green POA

Cloth is 1.830m or 6 feet wide, so seams are joined across pool or down the pool. Phone for a quote on all shaped pools (e.g. kidney, L-shaped, and other odd shapes). Supply measurements to outside edge of coping stone to receive an accurate quote.

NOTE: Hooks, grommets, webbing, lock clips and edging binding all included.

  • Ideal to protects your pool from all debris
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Tiny holes in the pool mesh allows surface water to drain.
  • Lightweight Custom made to any shape
  • Helps to reduce chemical use and prevents children falling into pool
  • Best used through the winter months to stop twigs and leaves from fouling the pool water


Stainless Hook Replacement
Please contact us for a price.

Lockable Spa Lid

Cover11 Cover11

Available Colours: Forest Green, Navy, Grey, Gold, Brown, Tan, Beige, Olive or Black.

Product Price
Supernova Lockable Spa Lid (Custom made) POA
Supernova Lockable Spa Lid (Production models) Trueform, Leisuretime, Spa International, 4 Seasons, Wholesale Spas, Colonial Hot Tubs, NZ Spas, Spa Tech, Poynters Hot Tubs POA
Replacement Inner Polystyrene Billets (Without 'Ebar™' per billet) POA
Replacement Inner Polystyrene Billets (With 'Ebar™' per billet) POA
Extra 'Sure-Lock' and key (each) POA
Replacement vinyl outer shell only POA



The "E-Bar™" used in the Super Nova serves two purposes:

  • to strengthen the centre 'backbone' of the lid
  • to protect the vital top edge of the polystyrene so that it does not become damaged, this in turn protects the integrity of the entire lid structure

Cast Alloy Roller Ends - All Anodised Tubes

  • Made for Leisuretime in strong, robust alloy, powder coated white
  • Ideal for domestic use or commercial pools
  • Available with 5m, 6m or 7m (x 100mm) anodised Tube & Cast alloy ends
  • Can be supplied with locking wheels
  • Also available with DULUXE stainless locking wheels

Note: All roller systems come complete with strings, clips, screws and caps. Cast Alloy Ends can be powder coated in different colours (for an extra charge).

Product Price
Cast Alloy (Frame only) POA
Cast Alloy with 5m 100mm Tube POA
Cast Alloy with 6m 100mm Tube 1.6mm wall POA
Cast Alloy with 7m 100mm Tube POA
Cast Alloy per set extra (powdered coated special colours) POA

Platinum Easy Roller - with wheels

  • Made for Leisuretime in strong, light weight, long lasting Marine Grade Anodised Aluminium frame
  • Super Strong alloy end plugs
  • Ideal for domestic use
  • Ideal for all type of Bubble Covers
  • Comes with wheels and easy drop pin brake system
  • Available with 5m, 6m or 7m (x 100mm) Anodised Tube & Platinum roller ends

Note: All roller systems come complete with strings, clips, screws and caps.

Product Price
Platinum Easy-Roller frame and wheels only POA
Platinum Easy-Roller 5m Tube POA
Platinum Easy-Roller 6m Tube POA
Platinum Easy-Roller 7m Tube POA

Stainless Roller System

  • Very Easy to use the large handles give great control
  • Suitable for the smaller pool installation
  • Available with 5m or 7m (x 100mm) Anodised Tube & Stainless Pool Roller

Note: All roller systems come complete with strings, clips, screws and caps.

Product Price
Frame only POA
With 5m Tube POA
With 6m Tube POA
With 7m Tube POA

Clear Deck

Cover19 Cover20

Conventional Solar Blanket Reel Systems can clutter you deck, obstruct your view and are also difficult and cumbersome to use.

Cleardecks System makes solar blanket invisible when not in use and permits instant storage all year round.

Benefits include:

  • Single person operation, blanket extends and retracts in a minute
  • Blanket is totally invisible when not in use eliminating trip hazards
  • Save money on water, chemicals and heating costs
  • Store solar blanket out of sight all year round in a self draining unit
  • Non-corroding anodised aluminium lid
  • No motors, tracks, cables or pulleys

Unit only: Prices vary depending on roller length. Please contact us for a price.



The concept is simple and unique. A platform deck shaped to match the pools surface rises vertically like an elevator.

When in 'closed' position, it conceals pool and restricts access. The Aqualift rising deck works by way of cables attached under the deck. This platform is 15 to 30 cm high depending on the model. Its smooth movement is made possible by a water or oil based hydraulic system.


Clearly shown is the way the 'lid' fits the pool edge and the neat method of building the pool and cover completely enclose the water making it totally safe.


An AQUALIFT pool under construction. This shows the clearly unique process that is used to provide a solid framework for the 'lid'. As shown these can be made to fit various shapes or sizes of pool.

By pressing a simple button, the moveable deck advances up, stops or returns down. The simplicity and rapid operation of the system allows the opening and closing of the pool in less than a minute.


Covers put a lid on the pool quickly and easily, and can (depending on the system) prevent children and animals from slipping in. They are designed and made to international pool cover safety standards.

Covers prevent leaves and dirt from falling into the water and so save maintenance effort and expense.

Covers also retain heat and reduce evaporation so saving you money in pool heating costs, water and chemical bills by up to 70%.

Cover25 Cover26