Beautiful, sparkling, clear water is the result of having the right pool filtration system. Check out the notes below or give us a call if you need some assistance.

Introducing FilterCrystal

  • The secret to sparkling pool water is the right filter material. Superior to traditional sand filtration, FilterCrystal is made of crushed recycled glass and is a direct replacement for sand.
  • The particular spherical qualities of glass grains make it more permeable than sand. It also has a slightly negative charge which allows it to hold on to very fine particles during the filtration cycle. Upon backwashing, the charge releases these fine particles, contributing to better filtration action and 25% improvement in removal of cloudiness or haziness in the water compared to sand.
  • Test results have shown that crushed glass filtration material will remove particles down to 5 to 10 microns, as compared to 10 to 15 microns for sand. FilterCrystal is also less likely to block or channel.
  • FilterCrystal is self-sterilizing.
  • As FilterCrystal is lighter than sand, 20% less is needed to fill a filtration unit in comparison to sand. As it has maximum permeability, over 20% less water is used (and lost) during backwashing saving you money on water, chemicals and electricity.
  • As FilterCrystal has such a high attrition strength, it is likely to last you the life of your filter!
  • There are two sizes of FilterCrystal and they are both required in the optimisation of your filter:
    • FilterCrystal 12 which is used to cover the base and laterals of the filter
    • FilterCrystal 6 which is used as the main filter media
    As a general guide, you will need 2 parts FilterCrystal 12 to 5 parts FilterCrystal 6.
  • FilterCrystal is a mechanical filtration media for use in pressure filters and gravity flow filters. It is a direct replacement for standard filter grade sand, and should be used in a similar manner.
Pool Filtration Housing (external)
Pool Filtration Housing (internal)

A great example of the housing of the filtration - plenty of room for pool accessories.